Who is nick harvey?


Hailing from Tauranga, Nick Harvey is a leadership and strategy expert and head of Deep Water Consulting.  

Nick has spent the better part of his working life exploring what makes effective leaders and successful business strategy. Since 2009, Nick has worked with business owners and leaders on strategy development, execution, and leadership to help them maintain a competitive edge and get the most value out of what they have to offer.

The list of clients Nick has helped is as varied as it is long, a testament to the universality of his work and message. Including non-profit organisations, boards, public entities, and executive teams, Nick has worked with a multiplicity of organisations from diverse and unique backgrounds.

Nick’s experience in business has also seen him take big risks that have paid massive rewards attributed to his own development of strategy and leadership. In 2002, Nick returned from a stint in the USA working in the most highly competitive business environment in the world, to purchase a packaging company on its last legs. For 6 years, Nick worked tirelessly to revive and refresh the business, reignite its ailing prospects, and in 2008 sold up in order to start Deep Waters Consulting. From there, Nick has focused on passing on the lessons he has learned through years of hard work to other business owners and leaders.

Having experience in a multitude of industries and working environments over the course of his working life prior to establishing Deep Water Consulting, Nick has honed his skills by drawing from a broad range of lessons and wisdom accumulated over years of hard work. These experiences give Nick the tools with which to best distill and deliver the key messages of leadership, strategy, and business success.

Today, Nick is poised to offer his valuable experience and knowledge to more businesses than ever before by sharing this knowledge with the world.
—nick harvey
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Angela Carson

"Nick empowers business owners to take charge. His
experience of owning businesses himself gives Nick credibility. His knowledge is not purely academic, but is combined with contextual experience."

// CEO OF The Kids Club
Aaron Larkin

"I can now look at my role, employees and purpose with a greater understanding, and I am far better equipped to work towards the outcome I desire for most situations."

//MANAGING DIRECTOR OF Whites power sports Australia