How To Be Productive On Your Commute To Work

September 17, 2019
September 17, 2019

On average, New Zealanders spend 3-5 hours per week commuting to and from work. This time is often spent in a “destination” mindset, where the focus is solely on what’s ahead - whether it be your day at work or what’s for dinner. This time is valuable, and should not be taken for granted as something that must be endured for the sake of getting somewhere. It is an opportunity for you to build the foundation of your day, and to switch off at the end in order to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Here are two lists of commuting essentials for your journey to and from, that will guarantee the enhancement of your success and a richer quality of life.

Commuting to work

Center your mind and prepare for a productive day.

Wake-up Your Brain

  1. Drink water - just one glass will ease fatigue and help focus your attention.
  2. Music - listening to your favorite tunes increases your processing speed and creativity.
  3. Deep breathing - for one minute; breathe in for eight seconds, and out for another eight. This practice will supply your brain with fresh oxygen and promote relaxation.

Positive Affirmations

You may feel uncomfortable at first, but repeating positive affirmations to yourself will make a powerful impact on your mindset and emotions. Start with - “I trust my intuition and listen to my inner voice.”

The Mental To-do List

When you dive straight into work it is easy to lose track of your priorities. Before your day starts, create a mental to-do list of your low and high priorities so that you can manage your day confidently.

Get Inspired

Without passion or goals, you are less likely to be driven to work hard. So, how can you get motivated? Subscribe to websites like Forbes or Entrepreneur for inspiring articles, or expand your horizons with motivational podcasts (find five valuable podcast shows below).

Visualise the Bigger Picture

In the rush of a workday, it’s near impossible to see your bigger picture. Utilize your commute to visualise your end goal, and take note that many of your problems that appear big are not so big in the scheme of things.

Commuting Home

Wrap it up, switch off, and start living.


Check in with yourself and run-through what happened in your day. It is vital that you acknowledge what worked and what didn’t so that you can prepare for a better tomorrow.

Track Accomplishments

Quite often small accomplishments go unrecognized. Whether you scribble them down, make a voice memo, or even a mental note - keep track of your accomplishments and celebrate your successes. Not only will it boost your confidence, but also enhance your determination.


Find your yin in a yang world. This world of ours is exhaustingly fast-paced, and though we are inclined to move with it, we are also designed to function best when a slower-pace is combined. To meditate and find your yin, close your eyes (if possible) and empty your mind. Do this by focusing on your breath - the rise and fall of your belly - and enjoy the solitude.


Work is not life, it is a part of life. After wrapping up your day, it is essential that you switch off. Don’t be the machine that burns out after running longer than instructed. Be clever. Take care of yourself so that you can bring all of your energy into the new day tomorrow.

Get Social

Your commute is the perfect occasion to catch up with friends and family. Though it’s important to be present in your life, it is also vital to create excitement by organizing catch-ups, events and activities to look forward to.

Best Podcast Shows for Motivation and Success Tips

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The Conscious Podcast with Peter Abundant

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Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast

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A Keen Mind - Stress Reduction, Mindfulness and Meditation

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The $100 MBA Show

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