The Importance Of Keeping Fit

September 17, 2019
September 17, 2019

There are many moves and alterations you can make to improve your quality of life, and making fitness a #1 habit is one of the most vital ones. Here are six game-changing health benefits that should make you reconsider the importance of fitness in your everyday life.

1: Reduce Risk Of Mental Illness

By implementing a fitness routine earlier in life it can help prevent dementia by 30% and more impressively, Alzheimer’s disease by 45%. When we exercise we are maintaining healthy blood flow to our brains. This maintenance is essential to promote brain cell growth and stimulation for a brain with strong cognitive ability.

2: Reduce Risk of Physical Illness

Working out allows you to maintain more than just muscle mass and a healthy weight. It also strengthens your heart; making it easier to pump blood through your body. This will reduce your blood pressure and improve circulation to help reduce the risk of blood clots. Let’s not forget about cholesterol either. Exercise is proven to increase the healthy HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol in our bodies which helps prevent the bad cholesterol from building up. Ultimately exercise will reduce your risk of physical illnesses including; heart disease, strokes, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

3: Relieve Stress & Depression

When we get involved in physical activity our bodies release endorphins and dopamine. These chemicals give us a feeling of happiness and relaxation, and it doesn’t stop there. Mood isn’t the only thing that physical activity aids, it also allows you to clear your mind of any over-thinking that has been consuming too much energy and creating stress throughout your day.

4: Improve Memory

The Hippocampus is made of two small organs in the brain that play a very big role in your life - memory. When routine exercise is performed, our brain produces Hippocampal neurons and the Hippocampus itself grows, expanding the quality and ability of our memory. This part of the brain is key to our short term memory and helps us to connect the dots to the long term.

5: Improve Concentration

It is proven that people who exercise more are not only able to concentrate better, but also able to achieve higher academic results due to their focus and heightened cognitive performance that is an outcome of regular exercise.

6: Increase Creativity

Staying on top of the game means keeping up with innovations and conceptualising new ideas. In order to heighten your brain’s performance rate when it comes to creativity, exercise is a must-do. Physical activity stimulates the BDNF protein (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) in our brain, which affects areas in the central nervous system including the Hippocampus. As a result, this stimulation promotes faster learning and elevated thinking.

So, what is your healthy habit? When it comes down to establishing a fitness routine, it isn’t about choosing a vigorous activity that leaves you exhausted and throwing in the towel within the first five minutes. It can be a hobby you are passionate about; like badminton, hiking or swimming. Perhaps you have family and friends who like to play soccer in the backyard? Any kind of movement is better than none. Yes we all get busy, and yes we all have different situations of living; which makes it even better to know that getting in some physical activity can be as simple as going for a walk, rolling out the yoga mat at home, or riding a bike down the road. The fundamental point is that you choose something sustainable to your lifestyle and make it habitual.

Once you have chosen the best exercises for you and your day-to-day living, it is time to implement them. I recommend setting a goal of early completion. The later your day gets, the more energy you have used to pursue other tasks and goals, and this is where you are least likely to commit to exercising. By getting up and at ‘em in the earlier half of your day, you are increasing your chances of showing up for yourself by twice as much.

It can be fun creating and planning a fitness routine for your week! Why? It allows you to take positive control over your life. However, there may come a time where these healthy habits become more of a chore on your to-do list. It is crucial at this point to recognise that when it feels like it’s too difficult is when you’re making the biggest progress. I’d recommend changing up your routine with fresh activities to break-through these tough moments. Ultimately, giving up a small part of your day to reap the future physical and mental benefits is worth the transaction. Keep in mind that dedication is inspirational, and you will see continual positive results in your life with a consistent and enjoyable fitness routine.

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