ANZ has partnered with leadership expert Nick Harvey and would like to offer you and your leadership team the chance to attend his “Connecting with others” workshop.

It doesn’t matter how smart or qualified you are; how good your product or service is; if you can’t communicate it and connect with your target audience it’s like winking at a girl in the dark – nothing happens.

The ability to connect with others and build trust is the key to communication and in the 3 hours you will learn:

  • The 4 main behavioural styles and how to identify and build trust with each style
  • The number 1 key to non-verbal communication and getting people to like and trust you
  • Effective seating arrangements both at your place, their place and neutral locations
  • The 8 keys to connection that will guarantee to get the outcome you want
  • How to practice correctly to build confidence in connecting including public speaking

Ticket prices: $49+gst per ticket for purchases of two or more (so bring your team!). Single tickets are $99+gst.

Spaces are limited so get in, book early and include your key team members.